Business Credit Services

Secure, Protect, and Expand Your Business Opportunities

Secure Superior Lending Options

Lower Interest Rates

Encourage Outside Investment

Business Credit Audit

Prepare to take the next step with a comprehensive audit of your Business’ financial standing

  • Gain invaluable insight into your business
  • Identify Blind Spots & Missed Opportunities
  • Address Credit Concerns Efficiently
  • Secure Your Company’s Financial Future

Business Credit Repair

Contain and Eradicate debt & credit concerns plaguing your business.


  • Eliminate Bad Loans and Dead Money
  • Prepare your business for future loans
  • Reduce Interest Rates
  • Focus on growing your business, not saving your credit.

Shelton Set Me UP For A Superior Mortgage

“Thanks to working through Shelton’s “6 Steps To A 700 Credit Score” program, I brought my credit score up 50 points in 6 Months! Best $49 I ever spent.”

– Kevin, 42
Delray Beach, FL 

The Best Pre-Marriage Credit Support

“I’m glad my husband and I consulted Shelton before our big day. My husband had some credit issues that were easier to fix than I thought! With the right knowledge and support anyone can fix their credit.”

– Lisa, 29
Kansas City, MO

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